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water heating
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water heating Number:1235649052
Name:water heating
Remarks:U type
Category:Water Heating ETTs

U Type Electric Tubular Heater
1,stainless steel electric heater
2,nickel chrome wire inside
3,7-10 days working life, stable



U Type Electric Tubular Heater

Tubular heaters are used for almost every kind of heating appliances. They are easy to form and feature highest mechanic stability and electric properties at the same time. Even though tubular heaters are technically rather mature and universal to use, there exist various new innovative solutions for many applications. Screw in tubular heaters are standardised for use in liquids like water. Finned tubular heaters are especially for air heating cabinets or tunnels.Flanged heater are easy to install,control and maintain, unique designer as your requirement. For corrosive enviroment, titanium material or tubular heating elements with additional teflon sleeving are available .



Material: Copper, stainless steel (SS304, SS316, SS321),titanium, Inconel & Incolloy sheath

Nickel chrome resistance wire

Various sizes of diameters



Plastic Processing machinery.

Water and Oil Heating Appliances.

Packaging machineries

Vending Machine

Dies and Tool

Heating Chemical Solution

Ovens & Dryers

Kitchen equipments

Medical equipments

Used in many other applications.

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